Saint Laurent has departed from the continental vibe and shifted majorly to a surf punk subculture aesthetic for the Spring/Summer 2016 show staged in Paris. Generally, the collection can be

If you’re going to convince the fashion set to fly to Rome for a single couture show it better be worth it and in this among many other things, Valentino

The day is finally upon us! Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebration of the nation’s 50th anniversary has arrived. And with it comes a cadre of commemorations that will help us remember

If you have a substance abuse problem à la Carrie Bradshaw, where the substance at hand is expensive footwear, then Dior is the place to shop at this season. The

Retro. Edgy. Glamorous. Kitschy.  These words can be used to describe both the streets of New York City and Miu Miu’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. The clothes and the city become

More is more – as is the case with Versace, a fashion powerhouse that has never been one to shy away from opulence, glamour and extravagance. Its signature over-the-top style

What do you do when one of your major boutiques undergoes a pivotal revamp and you don’t want to lose out on that customer looking for a little luxury right