The Burberry Prorsum Women’s Spring Summer 2013 runway show which was held at Hyde Park in central London was a modern-day spectacle with the ‘live’ digital telecast streamed through partnering websites based all over the world as well as on which meant that you could readily tune in on the action with your laptops or on your home computers.

Alternatively, you could even stop by Burberry’s newest and most stunning London flagship store at Regent Street and watch it on a large screen or if you were on the go follow the events via social stream. And glad to say, The Fashionide has had the great honor and privilege to have been able to witness the show live in London and report back to you here on my thoughts of the Burberry experience.

As I entered the runway tent which had been built specially for the occasion, I was pleasantly surprised! First impressions was a vibe set for a nostalgic reminiscence of old English. There was a screen production splashed with warms hues of British architecture in silhouettes. The whole tent was dark, moody and contemplative. I thought for a moment that Christopher Bailey’s collection was going to pay tribute to the past. I was wrong.

The show begun with Charlotte Wiggins standing in front of the projection,
wearing a metallic silk corset and a cape trench in white draped over her shoulders. The music played, and she glowed in the spotlight. At that moment, the tent transformed. The roof opened up and the old British nostalgia gave way to pouring daylight. It was a symbolic moment; a step into the bright future!

Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Christopher Bailey kept true to Burberry’s heritage of the trench, but gave the collection a very modern and exuberant interpretation. It was corsets and capes, made from silk or leather with a metallic sheen interjected by those dip-dyed metallic silk dresses paired with transparent candy-colored blaze bags in plastic.


Everything was so effortlessly glamorous! I mean just when I thought Mr. Bailey was going to end the show with the luxurious trench coat made entirely out of peacock feather rosettes. The finale was most stunning! With a slew of models being sent down the runway all dressed in vibrant looking trenches in delectable metallic pop colours of hot and bubblegum pink, candy purple, chocolate brown, sea blue and moss green, least to say I was floored over blinded by the stylish rainbow spectacle!

Images: Burberry