Counter culture, that is the basis to which sparked the creation of the famous 2.55 Chanel bag. Coco Chanel was way ahead of her time in the sense she was able to foresee the changing trends and the way women would want to hold their bags… which was how she liked it, on the shoulders with the hands free and tucked away in the pockets while she was at the race course. To put it that way, it is classy to have a bag that is convenient rather than cumbersome. And to her that extra sense of freedom and the ease of use is on it’s own a form of luxury the women of her time were unacquainted to.


Perhaps, it is amusing to think that the interlocking C’s might represent more than just the words Coco Chanel, or the monogram logo of the luxury house for that matter but a curious reflection of the counter-culture attitude that was so ground breaking chic. Hence it is no wonder that this bag… the Chanel 2.55 has become an icon in the world of luxury fashion.


Arguably, one of the most sought after hand bags, ardent fans of the brand and luxury lovers would be pleased to know that Les Secrets Du Sac (french for The Secrets of the Bag), a special exhibition dedicated to this legend will open tomorrow for the public at the second storey of the Ngee Ann City boutique. Running for just five days only from the 10th to the 14th November, 2012, it’s a small window of opportunity for you to experience for yourself the history behind this bag and understand the precision involved when it comes to it’s making. And best of all, the admission is free, so don’t miss out!

Images: Chanel