High fashion is on the move again. Season after season, trends come and go. Repeating itself in cycles, they die in a flame before rising again refined as a Phoenix. The speed and dynamism of Fashion makes it almost like a form of energy. There is an excitement to it all. An anticipation rather… of what there is to come (or buy!)


While many designers choose to follow the codes of their respective houses for spring/summer 2013, Karl Lagerfeld ditched the usual chains, camellias and braiding the French Maison is widely known for. Instead, he went for a SHAKE UP! A renewal of Chanel’s creative power which probably explains the ginormous runway set we have come to expect from the legendary fashion label.

Walking to the music of Chromatics on super sleek solar panel floors along towering windmills that rise to an intimidating height of 19 metres, the models were all decked out in chunky and over-sized pearls. Emblematic of the brand, these precious beads were worn excessively around the neck or on the wrist; often sewn as buttons on bolero jackets, embellished in a rhythmic pattern over dress-skirts or added to fingerless leather gloves as points of interest for the hands.


Then there are the huge boater hats we see with the wide transparent brims that come in fabric laminated shades of blue, pink and grey. A very iconic piece of accessory, the boater hats are worth getting no matter what the cost may be. Not to mention the black chiffon dresses which are embellished with lovely shards of multi-coloured silk that seem to float ever so delicately.


Bright, refreshing and airy, there is a sense of renewed opulence to this collection that leaves much room for desire. And at the age of 79, it seems nothing could stop the venerable Karl Lagerfeld from Chanelchanneling his renewable source of creative energy on the catwalk.

“Energy is the most important thing in life… the rest comes later” and I certainly couldn’t agree more.

Images: Chanel