Rain, rain, rain! The weather has been so wet and cold these days, I’d reckon it is time for us to start piling on a little more of those layers. And especially for those of us who work in an air-conditioned environment, it’s a lot more colder indoors. With the Christmas season fast approaching, these year end parties are just going to keep coming and we sure don’t want to be frozen when it comes to style & fashion this wet and wintry season.


Closing out the year in style, we have the collection from Club Monaco. Scottish inspired, the wardrobe is a mix of soft and structured details that bring out the art nouveau charm of the prints by English textile designer, William Morris. This Club Monaco girl is carefree and playfully glamourous when it comes to pattern, texture and the 1920s embellishment of the clothing. At the heart of the collection, the Scottish looking plaids matched with the herringbone outerwear and at times leather and shaggy fur pieces will strike a cord with you party lovers this holiday period and it’s definitely worth checking out if you are looking for some new togs to wear come Christmas day.

Images: Club Monaco