When it comes to sunglasses, there’s really no such thing as having one too many pairs. Your wardrobe is like your vocabulary and you want to give yourself the option have having different designs to change up your look but it doesn’t have to stop there! You could do with a different colour and go for not one, not two but four pairs of sunglasses – each in a different pop colour.

Wearing a Raf Simons tee, Zara hat and sunglasses courtesy of Polaroid eyewear in this colourful new video that’s styled, art directed, modelled and edited by me, I do think fashion should be fun, colourful, whimsical and a little eccentric.

So play around and have fun with the way you dress and colour yourselves crazy the way I did with these Polaroid sunglasses, which are priced super affordably at S$107 each. As the saying goes: the more eyewear you collect, the merrier it will be. Well, hopefully.

Images: Frederick Hong