This spring, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup introduces Colour Gradation to re-enchant the gradient makeup trend, a precise but intuitive technique that celebrates colour in all its glory.

The principle behind gradient makeup is clashing colours and fading shades to allow for the boldest of looks. It’s a trend that Peter Philips reinvents according to the art of colour that has always been the Dior makeup signature. The lips are worked up in different shades of pink to evoke a bee-stung mouth, the eyelids exhibit a spectrum that’s alternately soft and electric and a tie-dye effect sets cheekbones alive.

While the entire collection includes products like nail polish, blush, and face powders in fresh hues, the shadow palettes truly steal the show. In each palette, Philips curated a—as the name suggests—gradation of colours from the same family in matte and satin finishes, allowing users to create avant-garde eye makeup looks.

And while we’ll be using each palette individually, Philips shows us that they were designed to be worn together for a soft yet graphic look. In the video above, he creates two different graduations of colour using the shadows on model Lindsey Wixson.

To celebrate the launch of the collection, Philips and Dior beauty ambassador, Bella Hadid, were captured in front of the camera for a new series of Dior Makeup Talks, highlighting the range as Hadid gets a full makeover with some of its signature products.

Images & Videos: Dior