Elegant rebellion, that’s the two keywords you would use to describe the Dior Homme Pre-Fall 2017 Collection that has been presented in Tokyo on April 19th 2017 in celebration of the new boutique at Ginza Six. The collection combines modern graphic elements with fine tailoring and utility sportswear to create a unique and yet classic Dior Homme Wardrobe marked by bold colours ranging from electric blue to shocking red – which in this case is referred to as – Monsieur Dior’s 1947 Rouge Scream Red.

At the heart of the collection of course is the New Wave or ‘Newave’ subculture and music movement popular among the youth during the late 1970s to the mid-1980s. Between this and the Dior Homme Fall-Winter 2017 collection presented earlier in Paris however, I much prefer the Pre-Fall 2017 collection although both are deeply intertwined in their relation to rave music.

My favourite looks have to be the ones ‘scribbled’ with red threads. Visually, it’s subversive yet it’s refined in the way it’s presented: bold, loud and yet sleek.

Now launched in Tokyo with two silhouettes available exclusively at the new Ginza Dior Homme boutique in this ‘Avant Premiere’ (first and one-of-a-kind) retail experience, the rest of the world will unfortunately have to wait till mid May 2017 to shop the collection.

Images & Video: Dior