The cool rebel. Stark visionary. Urban male.


The Fendi muse envisioned by Creative Director Silvia Venturini Fendi is clearly not your average corporate creature sharply dressed in a power suit. The Italian house’s latest Fall Winter men’s collection is about maintaining strong silhouettes, while showing an inherent disregard for the establishment.


Conflicted by society’s inhibitions and his own inclinations, the Fendi man dresses with a vengeance. Dualism is the key look of the collection, with bi-coloured pieces creating contrast through a metamorphic chromatic palette of peacock blue, navy, charcoal gray and black.


The thematic juxtaposition of defiance and conformity is expressed in varying degrees, from subtle pinstripes to slightly outlandish dual-tone blazers and gradient suits. Showing off subtle streaks of rebellion, the Fendi man bides his time for a fashion coup d’état in the boardroom.

Images: Fendi