A girl without her own girl squad has never truly lived—or so Taylor Swift would vehemently argue. Rebirthing Marie Antoinette into modern-day Paris, director Rebecca Zlotowski (the woman behind 2013’s Grand Central and last year’s Planetarium, folks) filmed rising French star Sigrid Bouaziz as the reincarnated 16th century royalty on a night out with her band of coquettish girlfriends. Best part? They’re wearing head-to-toe Pre-fall and Spring 2017 Fendi. Yas!!!

Picture this: Soaking in a Rococo bathtub while dressed to the flowery nines, going on a car selfie sesh flanked by top-notch security, and bowling till the wee hours of dawn in prom-ready ensembles. In less than two minutes, Fendi’s Girl’s Secret indulges the ultimate GNO (Girl’s Night Out) fantasy any girl can ever dream of. Watch it here:

P.S.: Be sure to keep an eye on Bouaziz—we’re predicting more big things to come for this one.

Images: Fendi