It’s not too hard to guess what Giuseppe will conjure up next season, and the seasons that come after next. This season was no different – classics. Peep-toes, pumps, in ultra-luxurious materials and there are, but of course, stilettos. Shoe trends come and go – clogs, gladiators, block heels, platform soles – but who can deny that we always end up in stilettos when the evening fades. And gladly so, with mink and suede ones embellished with gold studs in black and powder pink.


But none can be compared to the limited edition Iron Kiss. Swarovski encrusted with silver spikes on the back, this is one iconic shoe design that people will remember. On the other end of the spectrum – I’m glad Giuseppe is changing it up a little, with the intricate lace-up booties in red and black suede that would look just about right being pounded on the runway to some rocking music. Well there has gotta be something for the other girls out there who are not just the faithful evening cocktail set huh?

Images: Giuseppe Zanotti Design