If mould-breaking is your oeuvre, and Hermès’ Birkins or Kellys have never been your cup of tea, here’s a fresh preposition from the legendary leather goods maker to galvanise your accessorial senses: a bag that’s as cheeky as it’s chic, the Verrou.

Click, clack, thwack! The firmly gentle deadbolt fastener — of which the Verrou is named after — is unquestionably the main attraction. A satirical take on the equestrian roots of the label, this old-school closure was inspired by the bolts latched to keep horses safe in its stable. Once opened, these high-spirited creatures embrace their innate instinct to gallop free, a picture of the new, norm-breaking Hermès girl.

First designed as a pochette clutch in 1938 by the late Hermès chairman Robert Dumas, the constructivist man was a DIY fanatic who always had a penchant for blending ingenious mechanical devices into his bag designs. And the Verrou was his masterpiece, attracting even Andy Warhol to purchase one from a Paris flea market as a gift for French actress and muse, Isabelle Dufresne (widely known as Ultra Violet) back in the day.

Now reborn, the Verrou comes with an option of a slinky metal chain strap, matching its silver palladium bolt. Sharp, clean and refined, it’s easy to see why the Verrou is the ultimate everyday bag all purist mavericks dream of. Plus, the fact that it doubles up as an understatedly brilliant conversation starter doesn’t hurt either.

Images & Video: Hermès