Having first laid my eyes on the work of the Dutch fashion designer, Iris Van Herpen who now presents at the famous Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, I’ve not been able to shake my mind off her collections ever since. More than just unique, more than just pieces of art and great display, more than wierd… her collections are beyond avant-garde; other worldly you might say (like this collection), sensational… and beautifully crazy! It’s the sort of couture fashion, style aliens out there would a hundred percent relate too!


But more than just being other worldly or weirdly beautiful, Ms. Van Herpen often uses ground breaking technology in the making of her collection which are usually inspired by Science or the tales of Science Fiction. So in a sense, these clothing are more than just mind-boggling designs. They are essentially feats of great engineering and the result of much technological advancement. Tastefully weird and glamourous I would say and not just simply weird. The way the plastic shines as the models moved is just phenomenally beautiful!

While others might associate this with looking something like the Predator’s mistress in the famous 2004 “Alien vs. Predator” film, celebrities such as singers Lady Gaga or Bjork are already pioneering Herpen’s very artistically weird sense of style where fashion takes on a greater role in the clothing and overrides functionality. One thing’s for sure the Iris Van Herpen lady is one who sets people staring often in confusion and amazement, looking, talking and then subconsciously remembering the futuristic vision… the stuff of science fiction we never really got to see before in reality.

Images: Iris Van Herpen