That is exactly what Issey Miyake’s “Pleats Please” fragrance does to its wearer. The Pleats Please fragrance infuses emotions along with the satisfaction of olfactory senses so seamlessly that the evaporation of it could easily be pulled off as the unfolding of a love story. One could be overwhelmed by the fragrance’s intensity and it is definitely not love at first whiff. However, this fragrance seems to grow on you over time as one begins to soak up the notes of this fragrance and eventually falling in love with the contemporary vibes of it.

The vivacious top note is introduced with a fascinating aroma of nashi, a hybrid fruit that alternates between pear and apple, with the former note predominating. Consisting of fresh peony and sweet pea, the upbeat middle note blossoms, somewhat suggesting the graceful demeanour of the wearer. The warm and vibrant accord is further emphasized upon by indole which adds a voluptuous touch, making this breath taking fragrance a lot more substantial, exactly the idea of how pleats is more than just folds of material. Finally, base notes of the Pleats Please fragrance prolongs the sensation of mildness, permeating the composition as it settles into the rich woody notes of cedar white patchouli. An absolute of creamy “white vanilla” blends with cosy white musks for a mellow finish and ends with a radiant warmth.

What had originally smelled a tad too masculine for a woman gradually softens and subtly transits into an expression of unequivocal femininity, exuding a delicate sense of comfort. While it celebrates empowerment, it holds true to the idea of free-spiritedness. A counterpart to the Pleats Please apparel line, the fragrance has no doubt encapsulated the paradoxical notions of timeless and of the moment. One is hardly able to capture the sophistication of the composition until a few times of usage. To say that the fragrance is timeless is definitely apt as it lasts through the day and is pleasantly addictive.

Image: Issey Miyake