Fresh off our preview of the Louis Vuitton x Fragment’s pop-up, we unanimously agreed the collection looked way better up close and personal. Pictures don’t do justice to the collab’s attentively designed little details (particularly point 1 below). If you haven’t made prior plans to swing by the pop-up, witnessing Kim Jones and Hiroshi Fujiwara’s co-branded fall 2017 pre-collection with your own eyes is reason enough to do so, as Singapore is the only city after Tokyo to be graced with the collection. But if that’s not enough, here’s another 10:

1. The blink-and-you-miss-it oil slick hardwares

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2. The 50 shades of black galore

3. The Singapore-exclusive Hawaiian shirt and bandanas

4. The Doudou Louis Bear that’s as cute as it’s covetable, ‘nuff said

5. The limited edition Monogram Eclipse Nano Bag
(that’s all sold out by opening night)

6. The Fujiwara-translated Eye-Trunk iPhone case

7. The tough, punk army boots

8. The chance to give the street cred-earning beret a spin

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9. The back-to-school varsity vibes*

*Fun speculative fact: An insider said that the varsity looks paid tribute to the first time Jones and Fujiwara met at a frat party.

UPDATE: However Louis Vuitton has reached out to say this is not accurate and that “Jones and Fujiwara met in 1999 through a mutual friend (Michael Copperman). The collection was actually inspired by downtown New York in the 80s.”

10. The bountiful picture-taking corners, of course

Prices range from S$590 – S$4900.

The Louis Vuitton x Fragment Design’s menswear fall/winter 2017 pre-collection is exclusively available for purchase at Surrender from 22 April till 7 May 2017.

Images: Louis Vuitton