At Fide Fashion Week 2012, designer Maurizio Galante brought us a highly arousing experience through his creations which seemingly convey a mix of feelings and emotions. Amongst the gamut of wonderful pieces, 15 of them are newly designed pieces made only for the Singapore show with the inspiration for the collection derived from his deep belief in the constant pursuit for equilibrium between craftsmanship and industrial design.


Having been trained as an architect, his technical approach remains inspired by the formation of structures and the play of colours beginning with the monochromatic outfits that transit into a visual enchantment of neutral hues and vibrant shades. From handmade evening gowns with the square-on-square patterns to the pencil dresses conceived of handmade crochet embroidered with Venetian hand-cut crystal beads, his designs are marked by an integration of varying couture fabrics, patterns and techniques to produce a sense of sophistication evident in the repeating elements.


My favourite piece from the collection was the iconic “Wave” bolero jacket consisting of several layers of circular strips in seven different shades of green. The movement of this jacket is meant to resemble something like that of underwater vegetation. Now how clever is that?Mr. Galante sure knows how to make the best out of couture.

Images: Fide Fashion Week