Clean and urban is what Michael Kors does best, and this season it was achieved with rugby stripes, strong solid colours and simple geometrics. The silhouettes weren’t new, but I felt that the quality of the garments lied in their execution. They were clean, classic and well-made, a projection of the fast-paced New Yorker who knows where she’s going and wants to be comfortable yet stylish getting there.


The collection gave a slight nod to the collegiates, albeit that of the moneyed Hamptons crowd. But more often, it appealed to young, working urbanites. A key point of reference would be the one-piece tank suit with zips on the sides. And opening the show, a belted skirt that was slit right in the middle, way up there. Other interesting women’s wear pieces were a matching silk shirt-and-skirt combo resembling a cloud watercolour, and a tank-and-pants combo resembling the ripples of a pool reflecting the glint of the sun on a blazing summer’s day. Touching on a little bit of the men’s wear, I thought there was great visual interest in the black-and-white vertical stripes, especially when they appeared on a blazer paired with a checked shirt inside.

Closing the show were the stark black evening gowns that were clingy and fluid with just the right kind of bold slits and geometric cutouts, showing off an athletic and toned physique to quite an effect.

Images: Michael Kors