Oh No She’s Not Kidding!
Oh No She’s Not Kidding!
Oh No She’s Not Kidding!

Oh No She’s Not Kidding!

Academy award winning actress Nicole Kidman turns up the heat in this latest Jimmy Choo Fall Winter 2013 campaign. Like everything in fashion these days, the campaign explores the film noir period and references the tension of Alfred Hitchcock’s (again!) empowered heroines. Shot by photographer Mikael Jansson, the campaign portrays Kidman as the seductive protagonist in a series of sultry images that hints on the brand’s more glamourous side.

There is a bit of a Los Angeles femme fatale vibe going on with the smoke, car and all. Violence notwithstanding, my only wish is if she had held a gun or a weapon of sorts just to make it a little more exciting and edgy. Only then will I know for sure that she means business and is definitely not kidding us on this!

However if you are more interested in the fashion accessories than the actual campaign itself. Here is a shot by shot fashion scene breakdown for all you crazy ‘Choo’ fans out there:

Scene I:
The camera catches her in a private moment. She stares seductively at the camera, the embodiment of the femme fatale, a woman in control with the power to seduce and command your attention; you cannot help but to fall under her spell. Her hair is suggestively tousled. The DANE lattice booties in claret frame her ankles and the CIGGY clutch is suspended languorously from her fingertips. Outside, a low winter sun illuminates a forest of silver birch trees highlighting the mysterious isolation of the location.

Scene II:
A voyeuristic glimpse at a private moment, she is dressed in his crisp white shirt, the simplicity of her attire offsets the TALAN shoes – a perfectly formed pointy-toe stiletto with a t-strap and bow detail. She provocatively caresses her ankle, her eyes always on you. In control, her stare has a hypnotic power. Cut off from the world, the phone off the hook, the atmosphere is imbued with anticipation.

Scene III:
Standing next to an abandoned sports car on a deserted forest road, her seductive charm belies an ulterior motive. You are drawn to her, yet she beguiles. The TAMBA black leather boot envelopes her legs in a seamless sheath of tactile leather. The BLARE biker bag hints at the journey ahead.

Images & Video: Jimmy Choo