Held on the 2nd June 2016, at The Cloisters in Westminister Abbey, London, the Gucci Cruise 2017 show was a mishmash of so many different elements, there’s no better way for me to describe it except that it’s an elaborate, poetic and eclectic collection; a tribute to all things British from the King Charles Spaniels on tartan skirts and plush coats to the flashy Union Jack design on the kits and loafers.

We see folkloric elements – with the tigers, snakes, panthers and bears, which are incorporated into the retro silhouettes reminiscent of the swinging sixties, in hippie, trippy colours complete with oversized shades that screamed librarian chic – a look that has somewhat become Creative Director, Alessandro Michele’s signature at Gucci. What’s interesting was how he mixes bohemian with Studio54 glamour and a touch of romantic punk rock with the occasional studded jackets. It’s more than just “an ode to British culture and aesthetics”, it’s a poetic love affair with London and her glorious history.

Mr. Michele is presenting an old kind of new and a new kind of old. To the uninitiated, this might seem absolutely ridiculous but like Michele, I’m blind for love…

Images & Video: Gucci