“Virtual princesses”, “a replicant army”, and “Blade Runner” were some of the terms and references used to attempt to describe Prada’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection. They could be right, or they could be wrong, but it didn’t matter, because “Pleasure” was the simple explanation for the inspiration behind Miuccia Prada’s varied, but genius collection. “Everyone has a theory about their collections these days, but I’m sick of theory. This collection is about the pleasure of fashion”, she proclaims.


There’s something so simple yet profound about her statement. I’ve always been a fan of literature and poetry, and in the midst of reading in between those lines, dissecting every ounce of literary embellishment in an attempt to establish the poet’s true intent, I start to wonder a few things. Has my interpretation done justice to what the poet fully intended to communicate? Is it really the poet who created a mystery and intention to be unveiled through careful study? Or is it the readers, who give interpretation and meaning to the lines?


I believe it’s not a question that can be expounded to everyone’s satisfaction. But since Miuccia Prada, the poet of this extravagant collection of embellishments aplenty, pops of solid jewel tones, jacquard pantsuits of tiny colourful triangles, and an army of avatar-models has given us the license to interpret, why not stretch your imagination and do just that?

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Images: Prada