Breaking the cookie-cutter mould in the most unexpected way is what Miuccia Prada has always excelled in. This season is no exception. An anti-fashion advocate, Mrs. Prada’s pioneering role in the early waves of normcore a number of years back that was manifested in the form of Miu Miu anoraks and Prada blazers proposed unnerving sterility. Now continuing her exploration of the same idea of normalcy, her corduroy-enveloped men project a sense of warmth in the midst of oversaturation.

The collection is a fetishised interpretation of domesticity: V-neck neutral-toned knits thrown over dad-of-the-year-style checkered hems, leather trench coats paired with ‘70s-reminiscent brown corduroy pants, and graphic Aztec granny sweaters coordinated with thingamabob accessories the likes of shells or twigs.

Throwing Prada’s pre-fall womenswear into the mix, Natalie Westling seemed to emerge from an Annie Hall (1977) remake while Lineisy Montero sported the polarised fur slides and socks combo.

Our favourite pieces? We’d die for the ugly-chicness of Westling’s utilitarian blazer, those oddly alluring pink belts or the warmth of one of those chunky work-of-art knits. Normcore, whether you like it or not, has just been given a retrospectively new lease of life.

Images: The Impression, Prada