If I had to describe Prada’s Spring Summer 2013 menswear collection, the words timeless, minimalist and sporty chic would be top of the list.


Showcased during Milan Fashion Week 2012 at Fondazione Prada with an all-white sloping runway, it displayed a pared-down design aesthetic which seems to have influenced Miuccia. This season’s collection serves as a modern sports retrospective for the fashion house, after having churned out a myriad of patterns and colours the past few seasons. That translates to solid-hued, two toned pieces with a colour-blocking theme, marked by a palette of cream and darker shades. Stripes and eclipses are the leitmotifs, colouring the front placket and lining the collar and arm holes.


Element of interests are the stripes on the inner sides of the trousers. Besides lengthening the visual silhouette of the legs it can prove to be quite a flashy spectacle when you’re walking down the street on an ordinary day.

The whole look and feel is sporty yet refined, oozing tres chic when layered with a jacket and paired with matching bowling bags and sandals.

Images: Prada