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Way… before I started blogging, since young I think… I’ve always had this dream. That one day I would be able to wear or own a piece of haute couture. No not that I’m a cross dresser or anything. It’s just that for a long time, I’ve always been wanting for someone to design perhaps an haute couture collection for men under the certification of the Chambre Syndicale De La Haute Couture in Paris.

So in January 2013 when Rad Hourani became the first invited member to officially design and showcase a unisex haute couture collection, I was elated! Digging deeper into the brand and viewing more of his past and present collections, I can’t help but fall in love with the whole concept! Instead of using the seasonal naming convention for his collections, he chose to do it by numbering. Which meant his first collection started out at #0 all the way to this latest spring-summer 2013 haute couture unisex collection which is simply called the Collection #10.

Branding wise, there is just a great amount of consistency. It’s futuristic without losing a bit of that modern sensibility. For starters, the clothing is very wearable. When you design fashion that is too crazy, there is always that fine line between couture and costume you shouldn’t thread. Here, there is no danger of that happening. In fact it’s intriguing without being over the top, sophisticated without being silly, interesting without being too much of an attention seeker. Just resolute fine tailoring, modish cutting and fashion forward layering. What you might get if you do a Great Gatsby and collide the world of Star Trek with the world of high fashion.

Considering how he constantly fills the grey area between men’s and women’s fashion with his unisex clothing brand, it’s really peculiar to realise that visually there are no grey tones to this landmark couture collection. Just black and white and the play of high contrast between these two opposites. The intertwining of masculinity (black) and femininity (white) but no real melding or mixing (cross dressing) to create any sort of grey. Gender identity remains completely intact while fashion is deeply sophisticated.

In his words: “It’s not a man going to a woman’s wardrobe, or a woman wearing men’s clothes. It’s a completely unisex vision.”

A vision that exists only as a form of grey conceptually.

Models present creations by Jordan-born designer Rad Hourani as part of his Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013 fashion show in Paris

Writing this I must say I’m completely sold on the Rad Hourani brand. If I had the money I wouldn’t hesitate buying a full look off this collection or maybe a ready-to-wear piece from his more affordable RAD by Rad Hourani line. After all you are not just buying a set of the finest unisex haute couture but a very piece of fashion history itself.

Now that’s a rad way to celebrate your new-found 21st century affluence.

Images: Rad Hourani, Reuters