Staying true to its sportswear heritage, classic American label Ralph Lauren has unveiled its Spring 2013 collection, embodying the gentlemen’s club of cricket players in the 1940s. Discerning rakes can ooze swank in crisp yet relaxed outfits which are a cross between Mad Men classy and New York preppy.


Two-button and double-breasted blazers are tastefully paired with matching waistcoats, striped shirts and repp stripe ties. The contemporary brogue is ditched for the spectator shoe popular with cricket fanatics in its heyday, with two contrasting colours polished to a dandy gleen.


Made of lightweight gabardine, chino and linen, the blazers have a laid back look and feel anyone can pull off with ease. I’m particularly enraptured by the black-and-white pinstriped double-breasted suit, which brings to mind a modern-day Godfather, sans Victorian-era furnishing and Colombian cigar.

Old-world charms aside, this is also an eclectic collection with plenty of sportswear and casual wear options, including the sailing coat, knitted and sleeveless jackets.

Images: Ralph Lauren