When you think of the Chloé woman, you think of her as being a free-spirited heroine. Someone who is artistic, boyish and yet confident. Full of grace and optimism. Someone who is spontaneous and yet quirky; timeless as much as she is wild. Yes the Chloé girl has got this wanderlust about her. She’s got a taste for travel, a longing to explore and a need to wander. So what kind of a bag would this Chloé girl carry? If you make a guess, it would probably be the iconic Chloé Faye bag that’s as sleek as it is roomy.

The Singapore exclusive shoulder bag however comes with an embroidered patchwork design on the front to signify the orchid (a symbol of beauty) and the phoenix (a symbol of rebirth). Priced at S$4,440 each, this design is limited with only eight pieces available exclusively at the new boutique in Marina Bay Sands. Are you a Chloé girl?

Video: Chloé